Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning in Tunbridge Wells

We all spend a lot of time in our bed ranging from 5 – 9 hours a day. When was the last time your mattress was cleaned?

We shed huge quantities of skin. Some will end up in your furniture and carpets but the majority of which will settle in your mattress.

Your bed becomes a five star restaurant for dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus).

Dust mites are microscopic clear balls with legs. Much of their time is spent consuming skin cells.

The issue with dust mites is their excrement. Mite faeces contains proteins that are easily inhaled by people.

This can cause respiratory issues and irritation. Particularly bad if you are an asthma sufferer.

Dust mites are regular visitors to your soft furnishings too. Read about our sofa cleaning services

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Customers often comment after we have cleaned and sanitised their mattress.

Feeding back with positive comments. That they have been waking up with no congestion or blocked airways and generally having a better nights sleep.

Our main purpose for cleansing mattresses is primarily for hygiene reasons. Although we can often remove a multitude of staining during the cleaning process.

After cleaning you can sleep in your bed that evening. Annual cleaning is recommended.

Maintain the hygiene levels of your bed and sleeping environment.

This will also include regular carpet cleaning.

mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning in Tunbridge Wells – qualifications

A quality mattress will cost a lot of money. There are many companies offering mattress cleaning, but do they know the correct methods and solutions to effectively clean your mattress?

If soaked a mattress will suffer with mould and mildew issues. Our high performance equipment will safely remove maximum quantities of debris & allergens from your bed.

We are national carpet cleaners association members, trained and correctly insured. Giving our customer peace of mind.

Our hygiene cleaning can seriously effect your health – in a good way!

Our rug cleaning service also helps to improve air quality in your bedroom too.



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Use our submission page to arrange a visit. Simply enter the best times to drop in and see you along with your address.

Text us on 07802 177435 with your location and requirements, we will be in touch to arrange a time to call in and leave you a quotation.

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