Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning of carpets in Tunbridge Wells

Make sure visitors are impressed when they visit your commercial premises.

A grubby looking carpet or sofa in a business reception will convey a lasting impression.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service will return your office or shop carpet back to clean and fresh condition

Commercial cleaning solutions

It doesn’t take long for soiling to build up.

A lot of commercial customers maintain, dealing with soiling in carpets before unsightly stains become prominent.

We operate a rolling cleaning programme, a 6 monthly or 12 monthly cycle booked in advance.

An ongoing maintenance programme will ensure your premises will always look their best.

We operate in the service industry. We understand that companies need us in when their staff are at home.

Flexible evening and weekend appointments are available so that staff and customers walk in on a Monday morning to a clean and fresh environment.

We also clean carpets in domestic properties

You can read more about us and our cleaning pedigree.

Qualifications and insurance

Why risk an inexperienced operation in your business?

We have been cleaning carpets commercially for over 30 years.

Investing heavily in premium equipment and products to ensure your company will look loved.

A big factor in our industry as any other is qualifications. We are fully qualified (NCCA)

The national carpet cleaners association offer the only recognised and true qualification in our industry.

If a company doesn’t have membership ask why?

Read about our expert rug cleaning services


Call us on Tunbridge Wells 269050 and we can discuss your requirements or call in and survey your premises.

Use our submission page to arrange a survey.

Simply enter the best times for us to drop in and see you along with your company address.

Text us on 07802 177435 with your location and requirements, we will be in touch to arrange a time to call in and leave you a quotation.

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