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Professional carpet cleaning in Tunbridge Wells

We have been carpet cleaning in and around Tunbridge Wells for more than 30 years.

Most houses have carpet. Over the months they fill with all sorts of debris including –

Skin cells, fuel deposits, dander, hair, body oils, beverage stains, dust mites,food and so much more.

The indoor air quality slowly drops, leaving you to breathe in air that is less than pure.

We offer effective and toxin free carpet cleaning that will see your carpet looking almost new.

Cleaning carpets for health and not just appearance has always been a priority for us. Leaving fibres clean and disinfected with no nasty odours or residues.

Customers can expect a professional and caring attitude from us. We want you to be delighted after we have finished cleaning your carpets.

So how does it work?

Carpet cleaning in your home – how we work?

When we arrive at your home we will check over all of the areas we will be cleaning, this gives as an idea of the solutions and equipment we need to use.

Most customers try to clear the areas we are working in. We will then vacuum the areas before getting our TM4 agitation machine.

Our effective solution is mixed (toxin free) and will be applied directly to the areas we are cleaning. Some staining will require specific attention, we will use the appropriate products to prepare the stained area.

One of our high airflow extractors will then be set up. Our preferred cleaning machine at the moment is the Jaguar 8.4, its power and effective cleaning ability delivers remarkable results.

We have specialist tools to easily clean stairs and hard to reach areas.

If we are concerned about rust marking or wood dye transfer from furniture we will place protector pads under the feet of items whilst carpet fibres dry.

Drying times are normally around 3 – 3 1\2 hours. We can offer dry carpet cleaning too, using micro sponges if customers would like to use areas immediately.

Are we fully trained and qualified ?

Did you know that the only recognised qualification in our industry is national carpet cleaners association membership. Courses have been attended and written examinations have been sat and passed. Only then are you invited to join the association.

Regular newsletters and updates are sent to members. Keeping up with the very latest techniques and innovative solution developments.

Each and every year we are expected to produce our full treatments risk insurance (did you know that basic third party liability insurance does not cover carpet, rug and sofa cleaning)

When working in your home we always wear protective overshoes. When we finish our cleaning duties we leave you a few pairs just in case you need to go into the cleaned areas, this means no marking of freshly cleaned carpet.

Professionalism and customer commitment is delivered to you as standard practice. This is how we work.

This attitude is carried forward to rug cleaning, mattress and sofa cleaning


Read all about it !

Its easy telling you about our services and how we work. But what do our clients think?

We have over 130 five star reviews via Google and our national carpet cleaners association review pages.

Why not read some of our testimonials ? They are from genuine customers in the South East.

Before employing any company, google search their trading name along with the word reviews, you may be in for a surprise when you discover their reviews.

This is why so many clients consider us to be #No.1 carpet cleaners in their area.

Easy quotations and advice

We like to make things simple at natural carpet care.

Getting a speedy quotation is no exception.

How about an inclusive text quotation ? Send your requirements to 07802 177435 – we will return an inclusive quotation back on the same day.

Our quotation page is simple and easy to use. Again, we will be in touch on the same day with a quotation for carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning.

Call us on Tunbridge Wells 269050. We are happy to answer any questions or even give an approximate idea of cost over the phone.

Would you like a bit more information? Read more about us and our services.

Professional & qualified carpet cleaning in Kent & Sussex.

Carpet cleaning experts in Tunbridge Wells

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