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About us – Natural Carpet Care in Tunbridge Wells

We started our business way back in 1986. As part of our cleaning company we offered ‘basic’ carpet cleaning services with the best equipment in the day.

Products were also pretty basic and reasonable results were achieved. We originally started cleaning sofas, carpets and rugs.

Additional services were added in subsequent years including mattress and allergy cleaning.

This part of our business started to grow as customers recommended us to others, before we knew it the requests for sofa and carpet cleaning were becoming extremely frequent.

We passed examinations after attending national carpet cleaners association courses. The only recognised qualification in our industry.

Soon after carpet, rug, sofa, mattress and curtain cleaning became our sole focus.

From our early years we always enjoyed working in Tunbridge Wells.

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About us – our cleaning process

Our products are incredibly effective and are non toxic.

They leave no nasty residues behind and are completely odourless. We really see no point in causing an issue whilst solving one.

Pet and human safe products that deliver a better clean. why would we use anything else?

We think that our customers want the same.

Taking our time preparing the carpet or upholstery fibres ensures a more thorough deep down clean.

We do not rush, we take our time and deliver a better standard, each and every time.

We are often called in to re clean rushed or poorly finished job. Detailed preparation is important is vitally important.

Without this customer expectations are never met.

Read more about bait and switch and the tricks some carpet cleaning companies use. We have a clear and honest pricing policy.

We think our customers want a high quality job from a company that will respect their home and contents whilst working.

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Communication & quotations

We are very happy to answer any questions relating to any of the services that we offer.

Some people need to know that their cherished rug will not be damaged whilst cleaning. Or if our products may cause a negative reaction for their pets.

Simply pick up the phone and call us on Tunbridge Wells 269050. A qualified technician will put your mind at rest.

How about an easy text quotation – drop us a text with your cleaning requirements to 07802 177435. We will return an inclusive quotation to you on the same day.

Top quality carpet cleaning – upholstery and rug cleaners in Kent & Sussex.

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